About Us

SDPO group aims to support and represent Scottish Dental Practice Owners.

The only criterion for being a member of this group is that you must own a dental practice in Scotland. The group seeks to support and represent NHS, private and mixed practitioners.

Practice owners are key stakeholders in the provision of dental services across Scotland. We make substantial personal and financial investments into our businesses, we are employers and collectively we make a substantial contribution to the Scottish economy.

We believe that our investment deserves to be protected.

Practice owners deserve effective representation and we believe that this should include legal support in negotiations with external agencies, when necessary.

At this time the main focus of our attention is to protect the interests of NHS service providers in the face of unprecedented challenges. This is reflected in our September 2020 manifesto (please see below).

The focus of the group will shift to reflect the key issues facing the membership at any particular time. As issues arise, we run polls to establish the collective opinion of the group and use the results of these polls to guide our policy decisions.

We believe that the unity of practice owners is highly important to the success of the group in achieving positive outcomes for our membership.

We greatly value your support.